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"Can't you see that it's just raining....there's no need to go outside"



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Love is like a mountain,
hard to climb,
but once you get to the top,
the view is beautiful
30.4.06 12:58


Beautiful eyes,
dark and sparkling like the stars in the midnight sky
Full of mysteries, secrets and strength
When I look into them,
I know you are supposed to be my man
The beauty of your soul is shining through,
so powerful and sensual
Get lost in them is all I need to do,
to make my life complete
When you look at me it sends a shiver to my heart
I want you by my side, never be apart
Even if you are miles away,
we are connected through our souls,
feeling each other, loving each other,
like we never did before
You keep me alive,
your smile is the beat of my heart
Stop smiling and I die
Touching your skin, so smooth and soft,
running my fingers through your hair
dreaming of you, knowing you are here, deep inside
Hearing your voice,
like an angel talking from heaven,
sending me to a place I've never been before
Giving me the strength I need to survive when you are gone
Come to me,
don't let me wait,
I need you to save my live,
I'm lost without you....

Poem made by in-between-dreams
30.4.06 11:25

Wondering Why...

Sitting here, thinking about you
Thinking about what I could do
Wondering why I feel this way
Having you on my mind every day

You don't know nothing about it
but you're touching my heart every minute
My heart cries out for you
What shall I do ?
Wondering why I feel this way
Missing you so much every day

These feelings are so strong
because of them I know where I belong
I belong to you, don't know why
but being without you make me cry
Wondering why I feel this way
Hoping for the answer every day.

Poem made by in-between-dreams
30.4.06 10:23

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